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Restoring the Rivers Fund

Letting Water Organize Us in Service to Life

We have ambitious plans for the regeneration of watersheds throughout Barichara's territory -- with a focus on community governance and reforestation in stream beds that connect with biological migration corridors.


Healing of Degraded Landscapes

Our territory is in the process of becoming a desert after decades of intense deforestation. Collaboration is needed at the scale of watersheds and ecological corridors in order to reverse this dangerous trend.

Barichara_Plateau View.jpg

Image credit Google Earth

Weaving the Waters

Multiple drainages make up the hydrological system of the Barichara River. We are helping diverse local actors throughout the territory to work collaboratively at landscape scales.

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Strategic Partnerships

The water crisis is a powerful unifying issue for the people of Barichara. This fund will bring territorial dialogues together with reforestation efforts, community aqueducts, citizen-science projects, educational initiatives with children and adults, and a lot more.

How It Works

The Restoring the Rivers Fund is a powerful way to organize the flow of resources in support of integration at the territorial scale.

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1.  Join the Support Network 
2.  Pool Resources Together
3.  Flow Into Local Projects
4.  Weave and Integrate

Two Ways to Get Involved

Option 1 :: Join the Network

Join the donor support network today and you can learn alongside us in Barichara.

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Simply fill out this form and pledge $500 to Barichara's Regenerative Education Fund.

Option 2 :: Make a Donation

Pledge Now

Help us make a difference

Thank you for your donation!

Make a donation directly to the fund for any amount you choose.

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