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Regeneration of the Barichara Territory

A Living Laboratory for Bioregional Regeneration

"When the earth is sick and dying, there will come a tribe of people from all races...who will put their faith in deeds, not words, and make the planet green again."

DJI_0755 Stefan_edited.jpg
DJI_0755 Stefan_edited.jpg

Exploring the Path to a

Regenerative Bioregional Economy


We are located in Barichara, a town in the northern Andes of Colombia with about 7,000 residents. It is situated on a plateau where there  was tropical dry forest -- a threatened  ecosystem at risk of disappearing. The forest is 98% destroyed and in urgent need of restoration.

Needs to Address

This is a large-scale effort to demonstrate how to apply solutions to restore planetary health and avoid human extinction at the speed and scale required.


Modeling a Regenerative Bioregional Economy would have huge transformational value as a pathway to restore degraded land and water sources and community structures to facilitate the emergence of an environment worth living in.

Regeneration Potential

Barichara's past is marred with cultural trauma during the various forms of military and economic colonization. Both the destruction of local ecosystems during the tobacco boom and the suppression of local traditions of community have left large wounds. This is a place for deep healing.

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Events and Updates

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