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Our Vision for 2024

The Patterns of Territorial Regeneration

With so much happening in our community, we have given a great deal of care to the diverse ways that many regenerative processes might be integrated at the bioregional scale.

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Restoring the Barichara River

At the heart of our work is a river that has been deeply harmed by abuse and neglect. We see how our territory is becoming a desert after decades of cutting down native forest and dumping chemicals into our precious waterways.

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This work is led by children in the community -- with many other projects led by adults. Our plans for the rest of this year include working with local municipalities, non-profit organizations, and community groups to initiate watershed restoration and reforestation efforts throughout the Barichara River area.

Mapping the Territory

We have a cartography team ready to go with mapping initiatives that focus on the watershed of the Barichara River and three nearby smaller streams.

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Through a combination of geographic information systems, drone footage, and site assessments on the ground a database will be constructed that serves as foundational knowledge for a variety of bioregional learning activities and regenerative interventions.

Educating Our Children

Our new Waldorf school Sueños del Bosque is bringing children into the heart of bioregional learning for the territory. They are immersed in natural cycles that are local to this place -- participating in ecosystem restoration efforts along the way.

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We are starting with children in the age range of 3-8 years old. This year we will hire two teachers and their assistants, establish the school culture, and weave the curriculum with reforestation activities throughout the territory.

Creating Watershed Governance

We are preparing a series of participatory  engagements around the restoration of the Barichara River and three nearby tributaries. In all of these areas there are regenerative efforts already underway.

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A key outcome of this work will be to arrive at "social agreements" among neighbors, representatives of local government, and those who have expertise about watershed restoration practices about how we can all work together in service to shared goals.

Exploring Economic Transitions

Different models for value exchange are needed as we explore other ways of living in harmony with our landscapes. In Casa Común, a center for transformation is weaving these possibilities into being.

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In the next few months, we will continue helping local producers to engage with each other around alternative ways of envisioning what the economy could be for Barichara. This includes a community fund, value flows of diverse kinds, and exchanges built on trust amongst each other.

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Help Us Make This Happen

We are creating a donor support network for Barichara for people who would like get involved and help deepen our work. Please sign up below for information about how you can join this network.

Please consider making a donation below to help us raise funding for these regenerative efforts in Barichara.

If you are interested in partnering with our efforts, also please let us know.

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