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Our Projects

Origen del Agua is a nature reserve bought through crowd-funding with the aim of regenerating three hectares of heavily eroded land through reforestation. This regeneration is the top of a watershed that aids in restoring the water cycle for all the area below.

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We are working on six hectares of land at the Bioparque Móncora above Barichara, which contains a Syntropic Agroforestry field site, an experiment in permaculture food forests, and educational offerings for people throughout the territory.

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Sueños del Bosque translates as "dreams of the forest" and is an experimental school for emerging young leaders in the age range of 4-10 years old.

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The Ecoversity is a decentralized learning institution coordinating and integrating teaching as well as research across the bioregion.


We mobilize resources and create pathways toward integration of otherwise isolated efforts through the formation of a territorial foundation. 

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