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Our Projects

Strategic Funding Ecosystems

Our work is organized around integrative approaches to the territory as a whole -- as you can see in the two regenerative funding pools that you can contribute to.

Regenerative Education Fund

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Restoring the Rivers Fund

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Regeneration Processes

We understand projects to be local capacities that are capable of implementing territorial processes. In this way, we can focus on the regenerative pathways as processes and support projects that enable them to continually unfold in our territory.

Origen del Agua is a nature reserve bought through crowd-funding with the aim of regenerating three hectares of heavily eroded land through reforestation. This regeneration is the top of a watershed that aids in restoring the water cycle for all the area below.

Origin of Water3_edited.jpg

We are working on six hectares of land at the Bioparque Móncora above Barichara, which contains a Syntropic Agroforestry field site, an experiment in permaculture food forests, and educational offerings for people throughout the territory.

Belleza Pura_ El Bioparque de Barichara 202107-2.jpeg

Casa Común is a center for transformation of local resources that takes the form of a gathering place, community store, and learning center -- all interwoven as processes of social and economic regeneration.

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A vibrant community of practice for syntropic agriculture with two demonstration sites and a network of private landowners who are learning together.

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Sueños del Bosque translates as "dreams of the forest" and is an experimental school for emerging young leaders in the age range of 4-8 years old.

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The Ecoversity is a decentralized learning institution coordinating and integrating teaching as well as research across the bioregion.


We mobilize resources and create pathways toward integration of otherwise isolated efforts through the formation of a territorial foundation. 

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