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Casa Común

Center for Economic Transformation

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Our Story

One of the most important territorial processes in Barichara is to weave trust among people so that we can value what we have and share with others in our community.

Casa Común is a center for transformation of local resources that takes the form of a gathering place, community store, and learning center -- all interwoven as processes of social and economic regeneration.

Local producers gather to experiment with alternative models that move at the speed of trust. Meetings are held about matters of significance for the territory. Community exchanges are explored to transform how economies function and scale in appropriate ways for the people who live here.

The dynamism is palpable at Casa Común. Yoga classes are offered in exchange for amenable prices to purchase products that are made locally. Arts and crafts are made with love and care by children and adults in this gathering place that seeks to reveal local resources that have inherent value and transform them through exchanges among the people living in Barichara.

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