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The Ecoversity

A Bioregional Learning Center for the Territory


The Story

What will it take to regenerate entire bioregions? How do we decolonize learning and reconnect with the places where we live? The Barichara Ecoversity is a vision for how to integrate all of the learning processes of the community into landscape regeneration for entire watersheds, forests, and the local economy as a whole. 

We have been actively weaving among more than 30 local regenerative projects since 2020 to create this ecosystem of education. It's primary logic is to let the land be our teacher and integrate ourselves with the life-giving movements of water.

And through learning exchanges with other bioregions via the Design School, we speed up the process through partnerships with people around the world seeking to learn regenerative design at these scales.

Origen del Agua Erosion 2.jpeg

In this process, we value emergence, experiential learning and multi-cultural dialogue to invite the different forms of knowing humans have developed to understand their environment.

We try to live in the space where different worldviews -- especially those of indigenous and scientific lifeways -- can come together in harmony that serves the living systems of this unique landscape.

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