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Ways you can help to restore our planet.



All of this work has been supported through a combination of crowdfunding and donations. You can live into the dream with us by giving to the Barichara Regeneration Fund right now. We have set up a local advisory council comprised of regenerative leaders who have been doing reforestation and cultural preservation work long before we arrived.


This enables us to acquire and protect land, set up a community grant program to support local campesino families, while providing territorial support and encouraging cooperation among different projects. All money donated to the fund will be managed by local members of the Barichara community.

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Everything we do is fundamentally about learning how to think, feel, and act differently so that we move away from extractive economies and learn how to live more regeneratively. We work with the global network of the Design School for Regenerating Earth to offer design sessions, host learning journeys, create work teams for on-the-ground training, and cultivate regenerative leaders who facilitate all of these activities.


We consider the Barichara Project to be one of our most powerful learning environments. Together we have been mapping the territory, cultivating local leadership, managing change processes, and doing so while receiving volunteers from around the world who come to learn with us in our land-based ecological design efforts.


You can engage with us in many ways to participate in these learning activities. Go to the Design School for Regenerating Earth and sign up for a learning journey. Come to Colombia for an immersion experience. Or get creative and take what you see here to inspire actions in your own bioregion where you live.

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Work with Us

Are you inspired to make changes in your own life? If you aren’t already familiar with the global network of bioregions at the Design School for Regenerating Earth, consider becoming a member and get to know the community. Our dream is for Barichara to become a living laboratory for guiding the emergence of bioregional-scale regenerative economies. This is a great place to get your hands dirty, practice Spanish, get to know a blend of indigenous and campesino cultures, and help restore the grandeur of the tropical dry forest ecosystems of this uniquely beautiful territory.

If you want to involve yourself in the local culture and participate in some of our regenerative efforts, please contact us. We currently do not have the capacity to host volunteers, but if you are able to support yourself financially as a Digital Nomad or alike and you think your skills might be able to serve one of the local projects, we would be happy to help you integrate yourself into the community for a few months.


Please inquire by submitting a brief story about yourself here.

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