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Sueños del Bosque

A Regenerative Path for Children


Children are the heart of our regenerative work in Barichara. They gather native seeds, plant trees, and restore streams throughout the territory.


Sueños del Bosque translates as "dreams of the forest" and is an experimental school for emerging young leaders in the age range of 3-8 years old.


Our vision is to weave experiential learning with real-world challenges in the community -- so that the children grow up with the direct knowledge that they can bring dead rivers back to life and restore native forests to the land where they live.

We are currently looking for partners to help make this dream a reality. We have already raised $50,000 to hire two teachers and cover operating costs for the first year.

Now we are establishing school culture, inviting children to enroll, and collaborating with several community leaders who work on ecological issues.

The children will learn natural cycles appropriate to our place and participate in regenerative practices for watershed restoration and reforestation of the native tropical dry forest that is endemic to our bioregion.

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At the art​ of Sueños del Bosque is that kids learn who they really are -- through deep explorations of the creative arts.

They also get hands-on experience with local craft culture as it relates to Barichara's history and the native plants from which textiles and clothing dyes are made.

All of this is in an emotionally nurturing environment of adult guidance and care.

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This is a project that weaves many existing efforts in the community. Right now we are at a pivotal moment where another alternative school recently closed -- which opened up the space for the next iteration to emerge.

After several previous attempts to create blends of forest schools, multi-family homeschooling, workshops, and regenerative activities throughout the territory, it is clear to us that this time around we need to secure two years of seed funding to attract excellent teachers and give ourselves the space to prototype the curricula for Sueños del Bosque.

It is from this knowledge that we are looking for people who want to help us raise $150,000 so that a new school can be born for the children of Barichara.

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