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Territorial Foundation


The regeneration of an entire bioregion requires an approach that takes the whole system into account. Our approach has been to identify patterns of regenerative work that flow across a tapestry of local projects.

We mobilize resources and create pathways toward integration of otherwise isolated efforts through the formation of a territorial foundation called Fundación Barichara Regenerativa. We gather key stakeholders who are holding important processes in our territory and support them to work together in service to the bioregion as a whole.

All of this began in the spring of 2021 with the formation of an advisory council to manage donations in the Barichara Regeneration Fund. We gathered representatives from 15 local projects to create a framework for strategically investing $15,000 US into the community in participatory and transparent ways.

territorial foundation_edited_edited.jpg

Weaving Local Projects

The territorial foundation seeks to remain neutral with respect to each project so that it is never in competition with one of them.


Mobilizing Resources

Many valuable capacities exist in the community that are fragmented or isolated from each other. We help them flow as a holistic system.


Cultivating Governance

As we work together at landscape scales, we become more skilled at cooperation in service to the entire bioregion.

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