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Platform for Bioregional Regeneration


The regeneration of a bioregion is a process of integration and cooperation at holistic landscape scales. In Barichara, Colombia we are applying the model developed by the Design School for Regenerating Earth to manifest a pathway toward regenerative development at the scale of our regional climate system.

The three pillars of strategic action are to cultivate a learning ecosystem in the form of a bioregional learning center; to weave a tapestry of local projects that each carries forth at least one territorial regeneration process; and to mobilize resources in service to this work with a collaborative funding and governance ecosystem in the form of a territorial foundation.

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In Barichara, we are actively working to establish our own bioregional learning center and have set up a territorial foundation called Barichara Regenerativa.

The learning center will be comprised of many regenerative education processes in our territory. It is where the ecosystem of bioregional learning is held as a tapestry of projects and regenerative processes.

The territorial foundation has a mission to establish the platform for bioregional regeneration as a collaborative funding and governance ecosystem.

In this way, we help weave regenerative projects into tapestries that are organized around significant landscape patterns like watersheds and ecological corridors -- while also supporting the thematic weaving of regenerative education into a learning ecosystem at the bioregional scale.

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About Barichara, Colombia

Nestled in the mountains of Colombia, Barichara is registered as a national monument for its beautiful vistas and ancestral tranquility. It is a small town in the heart of indigenous Guane territory that is rich in local culture and home to the only “High Andes” tropical dry forest on Earth. More than 70% of all species found in this region only exist there.

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