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The Design School and Barichara

About the Design School for Regenerating Earth

The Design School for Regenerating Earth is a global network of people seeking to participate in the restoration of landscapes and cultivation of regenerative communities. We support the activation of bioregional processes at landscape scales through design sessions, collaborative funding models, and a focus on bioregional learning centers around the world.

Much of the work catalyzed in Barichara has been supported by Joe Brewer -- who is also the co-founder of the Design School. He lives in Barichara with his partner Penny Heiple (also a co-founder of the Design School) and his daughter who serves as a guiding light in this work.

About Barichara, Colombia

Nestled in the mountains of Colombia, Barichara is registered as a national monument for its beautiful vistas and ancestral tranquility. It is a small town in the heart of indigenous Guane territory that is rich in local culture and home to the only “High Andes” tropical dry forest on Earth. More than 70% of all species found in this region only exist there. Join Earth Regenerators to learn more about how Barichara can become an exemplar of bioregional regeneration for the rest of the world. 

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