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Better than Carbon Offsets

Where Relationships Are What Matters

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The Problem is the Solution

Many companies offer carbon offsets for the travel of their employees as a way to invest in the environment. Yet there are many problems with carbon markets. How do you know that your offsets lead to real-world impacts in terms of improved ecosystems and community resilience?

We have a solution for this problem -- which is that conscientious companies can donate directly to our regenerative efforts and see the results for themselves. This is a relationship solution to what has been treated as an economic problem.

Simply donate the money you would spend on carbon offsets to Regenerate Barichara. Your employees will be invited to track our progress through a combination of social media reporting, regularly scheduled "Barichara Update" sessions, and opportunities to visit Barichara and see the work for themselves.

If  you are considering making carbon offsets and don't know if you can trust them (or if you already participate in a carbon program that you find unsatisfying), please let us know! We want to build partnerships with conscientious people all over the world.

Relationships are what matters most. You can be part of the story as we regenerate our territory. There is so much more we can do together than check a sustainability box in an anonymous carbon offsets program.

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