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Syntropic Agriculture

Techniques for Reforestation and Food Security


The Story

A Syntropic Agroforestry Field Site was created during a workshop in April 2022. Following the strategy "dense, denser, the densest" once more we created several rows with local water capturing succulent species, seed-bombs including nitrogen-fixing legumes, local fruit trees and shrubs, and various plants planted directly through branches.


It has become a primary learning space for community members about how to restore soils, water, and forest canopy within a productive agroforestry system that does not require irrigation or any chemical inputs.

syntropic line.jpg

There are two demonstration sites for the community. One is in Bioparque Móncora that showcases how to build soils and grow native forest without irrigation. The other is a community garden called Huerta Mi Sol that emphasizes community engagement and food security among marginalized campesino families.

Learning exchanges take place on several private plots of land as well -- where technical field site visits take place among neighbors who have attended one or more syntropic agriculture workshops.

This vibrant community of practitioners is growing both in depth of knowledge and number of participants with each passing year.

Syntropic Lines_edited.jpg

The layout of the syntropic agroforestry system.

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