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Learning Exchange for the Northern Andes

Part of our work as a territorial foundation is to support learning exchanges among the different territories of Colombia -- where we share common struggles like how to encourage community-led economic practices and how to make the transition from industrial to regenerative agriculture.

This week, we are hosting a gathering with people from Monte de Maria and Putumayo. We have partnered with the support organization of TerritoriA to bring community leaders together for a series of field site visits to local projects and to deepen our relationships for future collaboration.

Momentum is growing after a gathering in Cali last week.

Throughout the next few days we will explore syntropic agriculture, territorial healing practices, how to hold dialogues around systemic challenges like water and land use, and what it will take to create distinctive models of economic exchange that are in harmony with human and ecological well-being.

This is related to our efforts to design a regeneration fund for the Northern Andes in partnership with other territories in Colombia. And we are growing stronger with each gathering that takes place.

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