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3rd - 7th of October 2022

ReFi Practitioners and Earth Regenerators from around the world are gathering in Barichara, Colombia, for a transformative collaboration in the design and creation of #ReFi tools applied to the regeneration of an entire bioregion.

Event Activities

  • Field Site Visits: Sense and feel into the of real, on-the-ground contexts.

  • Exploring Community Design Challenges: Weave and explore with the community to reveal on-the-ground challenges and needs.

  • Design Immersions: Begin the design and creation process of solution tools based on the on-the-ground context.

  • Connection & Deepening: Connect in purposeful community and deepen into the sensing, integration, and embodiment of regeneration through ceremony and ritual.

  • Becoming a Seed: Join together with the community in becoming seeds of transformation for an entire biogregion.

ReFi Barichara


"I’m coming to Refi Barichara to weave my story into the collective story of the land and the communities in Barichara. The patterns of emergence there feel in full alignment with what is emerging inside me, the person I have been, and the person I am becoming. I’m originally from Colombia and have a background in mental health, trauma-informed education, and embodiment practices. I feel the land in Barichara calling me, and I’m fully present to tune into what the land is asking of me and how to be of service to the communities there. I’m ready to offer my skills to help heal cultural trauma, restore landscapes, and/or provide support for regenerative projects and education initiatives on the ground."

- Day Sanchez from 2eMinds and SolarPunkGen

"At this moment in time, I feel it’s important to immerse myself in learning communities that are openly grappling with the big questions of how we be as humans in ways that are regenerative for people and nature. This is one such important community, so even through it’s a big stretch, and I don’t have the capacity to stay more than a week, I’m in."

"Every so often there comes a point of emergent convergence. A time & place where many seemingly unconnected forces suddenly coalesce to form something beautiful, important, and powerful. I'm going to ReFi Barichara because I believe this will be one of those points. Where real on-the-ground regenerative work meets ReFi, which is itself an emergent convergence of web3 & climate forces."

- Sev Nightingale from EcoLabsDAO

"I've spent my whole life exploring holistic solutions to the worlds most complex problems, and the work of Joe Brewer and Earth Regenerators stands out. Taking a community-first, bioregional approach to regeneration feels like an essential piece of the puzzle. I'm honored and excited to be attending ReFi Barichara for hands-on collaboration with others as we dive into how to weave these threads together, clearing a path forward for high-impact regenerative projects around the world."

- Alex Corren from Spirals Protocol and RegenCLT

- Roberta Vogel-Leutung from GreenWorksKC

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